Monday, May 27, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #6

All you hardcore Disney fans out there probably already know this....but this past week Disney Parks hosted a Monstrous 24 hour All Nighter 

It was a promotion for Monster University coming out June 21st where the parks were open for 24 hours straight.....awesome right?

I was already bummed that I was missing out on the fun when I started seeing all the pictures roll in on the internet.....that lead me into straight depression mode.   Waaaah!

Look at how cute all of them are in their jammies!

I would LOVE to go to Disneyland in my PJs.....I would rock my Minnie Mouse onesie

(Please ignore my ratchet hair)

Now for the MoMo portion of this MoMo Monday post......

Seeing all the characters all cute in their jammies made me dig through my pictures to find an old photo of my little love in her nightgown

I think she would have fit in well with the Disney crew!  They had mice, ducks, chipmunks, and even a dog....but no cat.  MoMo could have filled that void.  After all.......she is the Cats Pajamas!   (see what I did there? ;)

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