Monday, May 13, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #4

Happy belated Mothers Day to all you mamas out there!  Hope yours was great....mine certainly was.

Yes....I may not have human spawn but my I am most definitely a mother to my MoMo.  Do I not feed her? Love her? Put a roof over her head? And pay over a thousand dollars recently to get her diagnosed and given surgery?  If that doesn't qualify me as a mother I don't know what does.  

Friday at work my supervisor was leaving and from across the kitchen I could see him mouthing something but I couldn't hear him.  I said "Huh....what?"  

"Not you he said.." and he turned to Persia my coworker and said "Happy Mothers Day" (she has a 17 year old and a 14 year old) 

I was pretty happy that she came to my defense and said to him "She's a mother too...what about MoMo?"  

Haha!  thanks Persia!  I'm glad somebody gets it ;)

Basically I think it boils down to the fact that there are 3 kinds of people in the world

Person #1  They don't like pets.  And that's where I ask.....what the hell is wrong with you??  Seriously?

Replace the word "pets" in that card and that about sums it up

Person #2  You have a pet, but your pets are just "pets"

And then Person #3  is me.....your pets are much more than just a animal roaming your house.  They are family.  You talk about them to anyone and everyone who will listen....heck even to the people who don't want to listen.  You take an insane amount of pictures of them and the people of Instagram and Facebook hate you (the ones without souls that is ) You may even write about them in your blog.....I'm not sure what kind of quack does that

With that being said.....back to Mothers Day.

The Boy....uhh...I mean MoMo made me a lovely card

I think she handles a crayon exceptionally well considering she doesn't have thumbs.  Don't you?

And now for some Mama and Me photos.  Or in this case MoMo and Me.......

I've showed this one before but it' worth showing again in my opinion.  The night of our wedding I rushed home to see her before the after party.  I love this picture because I'm still in my gown and she couldn't look anymore like an embarrassed child if she tried

Had enough?  

Ok.....until next Monday

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