Monday, May 20, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #5

Last Tuesday was MoMo's birthday. technically I have no idea when her actual birthday is.  I didn't have her mom as pet or adopt her from a friend whose cat had kittens or anything like that (actually...she adopted me.  Another story for another Monday) but she needed a birthday. I took the month that I got her in and gave her the same birth date as I deemed her birthday May 14th

Each year she gets a special dinner of salmon...this year was no different

I even let her eat it out of a fancy dish like one of those stuck up Fancy Feast cats.  Why they're on TV and MoMo isn't I'll never understand

She was a trooper with her party hat.  She wasn't a huge fan of it but the trick is to put it on her and then set her down right in front of her birthday dinner.....she forgets all about the hat

And of course....what's a birthday without cake???

MoMo got salmon and cake waaaasted!!!!!

Then she proceeded to curl up on the rug and fall into a deep birthday induced coma.  I think she had a good time

And here are the pictures I posted on Instagram that night

Come follow me.  TheBusyBroad

Happy Birthday little Mo!  Here's to many more years of a purrrrrrfect friendship.  (I couldn't resist a good cat pun)


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  2. this makes me oh so happy to see this! I am throwing my cat his 1st birthday party this sunday!!!

  3. So adorable! My family and i checked this out on Pinterest in our attempt to find a nice cat cake for our furry friend, Jade.