Monday, December 17, 2012

Snowman Hat Headbands

When I made these Pilgrim Hat Headbands for my nieces on Thanksgiving it got the wheels turning in my head for a Christmas version

A snowman top hat instantly popped in my head

So I went and got myself some more of those little hats at Michael's (on the Xmas aisle), some stiffened felt sheets (I wanted the holly leaves to stand up nicely) and some cheap headbands, and a glue gun

I made myself a template and cut out the holly leaves and used a hole punch to make the berries quickly

Then just hot glue them on

Here's my little assembly line of hats

I hot glued them onto headbands but you could also glue them onto alligator clips or some kind of hair barette

Then put them on some cute kiddos and you're all set!

It makes any outfit super festive!

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