Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Felt Pet Ornaments

Don't forget about the furbabies this Christmas.....after all they are family members too!
Every year I try to give them something small and last year I made them felt ornaments that looked like them

Meet Mimi, my oldest sisters dog

She's a Brenchie.  That's  "Frenchie" for anyone outside my family who speaks proper english. (My family has its own language largely based  on incorrect pronunciations by all the children of the family). 

And this is her in felt form

Next up is Wrigley, my second oldest sisters dog

Ain't she just the cutest damn thing you've ever seen?   And she has THE cutest bark in the world.....I'm not sure it will translate well via Bloggin but I will give it a try.  

It goes a little something like this :

Bow wow woo woooOO wooOO!  

It's so stinkin cute I find myself mimicking it just for fun.  I'm glad my husband is weird like me and doesn't mind me barking randomly

 And here is her ornament

And this is Phoebe. Also known as "Beebee" or "Beebers"  If you're thinking she looks familiar it's because she is Mimi's sister.  Yep....sisters have sister dogs.  

Even though they are sisters they couldn't be more different!  Mimi is more serious and Phoebe is that weird goofy girl you can't quite figure out.   Her lip is constantly getting caught on her teeth so we have dubbed this her "Ugly Elvis" look.  So it only seemed appropriate to pay homage to her goofy ass face

Now here comes the auntie guilt.  This sister also has a yorkie named Morty.  (Full name Mortimer Jasper)  I tried about 3 different times to make an ornament of him but was never happy with it so I threw it away and he never got one.  Now I feel bad.  Maybe I'll take another crack at it this year.  

But just so he gets the spotlight too, here are some pics of the man himself (the only male pet in the family)

He's soo cute in his xmas sweater!  Love that dog!

And last but CERTAINLY not least is my baby.  The only cat in our clan

The beautiful, the magnificent.... Mo Mo!

(look at her...a little blogger too.  Mama is so proud!)

When I unpacked it this year I noticed she lost a whisker.  I choose to believe it was for realistic effect.  After all, she does lose them in real life.  And whenever she does I pretend they are a quill pen and wish I could use them to sign the Constitution.   Is that weird?

So there ya have it...cute, easy, cheap, and personalized gifts for all the pets in your life.  maybe it's more for the owners...but who cares!

And they are just as easy as they look.  I  made templates out of paper, cut them out of felt, sewed them together, stuffed them a wee bit, and added the details. I used E6000 glue to glue on the eyes and noses etc, but you could use whatever glue you think works best.

   Add some thread to hang them and they are done!  Super could whip out a few in these last few days before Christmas and wow the crowds!

Your furry four legged friends will be so happy you remembered them! ;)

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