Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Girly Pilgrim Hat Headbands

So apparently cooking a Thanksgiving meal, over decorating a house that's not even mine, and spending quality time with my family wasn't enough....no no no.

I of course had to shove a couple more things on my plate at Thanksgiving.

I had this grand idea in my head of making some cool Thanksgiving crafty things with my nieces....and once I get an idea in my head it's almost impossible for me to let it go....especially when it comes to Holidays

My idea of "letting go" this year was letting my sister bring whipped cream in a can.  And even that was sort of painful

Yep....I'm bat shit crazy

But a few years ago I wouldn't have bee able to even let that go....it's progress......baby steps.....baby steps I tell ya!!

Anyways....me...crazy.....too much crap.....

So there I am with this pile of stuff trying to make these adorable waffle cone cornucopias I saw on the Almighty Pinterest

Cute right?

Well mine weren't

I googled it and found a bunch of different techniques and tried them all

And mine still came out sad

EPIC fail

So we scratched that and ended up just eating all the Reese's pieces, pumpkin seeds, and sesame sticks  I bought to put inside them

The craft that did turn out well was the pilgrim hat headbands

In between setting off smoke alarms (it's a thanksgiving day tradition in our family) and drinking too many Vodka Cranberries I managed cut out squares of golden yellow felt (use whatever color you want for your buckle)

Fold it in half and cut little slits on each side

Then cut from slit to slit and unfold to give you and buckle shape

Hot glue onto little top hats.  I got these on the Xmas aisle at Michael's

Then I just hot glued the whole hat onto some glittery headbands from the Dollar Store

 Cute hats, cute kids

You know why they're so stinkin awesome right?


Damn straight they do!

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