Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gifts For The Peanut Butter Lover In Your Life

Earlier this week I posted that I made Reese's Cup Cookies for my brother in-laws birthday.

I have a thing lately where I try my best to make the wrapping for all my gifts a little special.

I didn't want to slap them on a plate with a piece of saran wrap or throw them in a tupperware that has the hardcore white spots that I can't quite figure out what it is  (is it melted plastic??...or water spots???...I can never tell!)

So I thought what better than to put them in a giant peanut butter jar.

So I got to making my own

I used a giant olive jar from work and covered the lid just like I did in this tutorial  HERE .

The above link will give you a detailed tutorial but I took a few pics for ya.

Word of advice though.  I was trying to do this project using things I had on hand.  I was feeling lazy that day and a trip to Michael's was just a bridge too far.  I didn't have any red scrapbook paper so I thought I would give wrapping paper a whirl.  Since wrapping paper is super thin and only has the color or print on one side it's much harder to work with.  When I picked it up my fingers stuck to the areas that weren't completely dry and took some of the red off with it.

No biggie though....after it dried I colored in the little spots with a marker.  But scrapbooking paper is just less of a hassle

Of course you need a cool label for your peanut butter jar.  We were more of a Skippy family growing up.  (Apparently my mom wasn't that choosey)  But I decided on Jif for the sheer fact that it seemed easier to draw.  I'm not much of an artist.

I am completely aware that the "creamy" looks like ass haha

When your done just glue or tape it to your jar and fill with your peanut butter treat!

In hind sight I should have made a double batch of cookies to fill this beast of a jar.....but I am TERRIBLE at that kind of stuff.   I have no concept whatsoever of what will fit into something

I dirty more containers putting the dinner leftovers away that it's just easier for The Boy to do it.  The first one is way too small....then way too big...then I find the right size but can't find a matching lid to save my life.   By then end of it I've dirtied 5 sets of tupperware.   Annoying.

Here it is

This is the Instagramed version he posted.

Better than a plate right?   I freakin hope so!

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