Thursday, August 16, 2012

Homemade Oreo Cookies


This isn't truely "homemade"  So I'm a big liar

This is more of a Sandra Lee approach to Oreos.  A little more effort than buying a sleeve of them, but not a daunting task.

Speaking of Sandra Lee I gotta say....I can't stand that woman!  I admit I watched her show for years just for the pure entertainment of watching a complete lush try to function on national TV. 

 Every once and a while she had an alright recipe.....but I don't think adding some chopped up parsley to a boxed rice pilaf should make someone as much money as it has made her.  I think she bullshits her way through the "cooking" portion of the show just to get herself to the "Cockatil Time" that she so happily announces at the end of every episode.

I mean I know I've been known to throw back a few...but damn!  Lady be boozin 24/7!

But alas....I give you the Boozy Aunt Sandy version of Oreo Cookies

All it is is my Coffee Creamer Butterceam piped between 2 store bought chocolate cookies.  I bought these at work but you can find similar ones in almost any grocery store bakery.

Simple right?  

Something even a big boobied, blonde haired, boozer could handle

And for the record I don't feel that bad for what I said about her.  A friend of mine works at a popular resort and she came to stay there.  Apparently she was a big Bi-atch to everyone.

She must be an angry drunk

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