Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seeing the potential in everyday items

About 6 months ago I snagged this empty olive jar from work and believe me, that was work in and of itself.

 You see, the old ladies at my work pounce on these jars before any of us youngen get the chance.  They surround the person doing the salad bar foaming at the mouth waiting for them to be done dumping the giant green olives in their respective containers.  The second the last olive tumbles out...they whisk it away!  And it's just not one old lady you have to's two!  The Korean one takes them home for storing her Kimchi and the Italian one takes them for her red sauce.  Animals I tell you....animals! 

I kid.  I love them both.  But it is have to be quick on your feet to get one of these bad boys so when I finally saw the opportunity I took it!  I wasn't exactly sure what I would do with it but I knew I would find something.  Six months later this jar has found its calling.  Holding my cupcake liners.

I covered the lid in cupcake paper.  Here's how

Trace the lid.  Then I found an object about an inch and a half bigger and traced that around it.

Cut slits from the big circle to the smaller one

Glue down the lid in the middle, the go around and glue to flaps all the way around, folding them over the edge of the lid.  Cover the whole thing in a few coats of Mod Podge for protection

This is way better than having them thrown in every drawer of the kitchen getting crushed.  Or me buying the same ones over and over because I can't find the ones I already have. Plus it's cute.

And here is an empty grits container

I thought it would be great for craft supply storage. Since the craft room I am gradually building will be animal print themed I covered it in cheetah paper.  Just glue it on with Mod Podge and then give it some coats to seal.

And there you have it.  Everyday items you throw away turned useful!

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