Monday, August 6, 2012

Back To School Classroom Wreath

Wreath making is an addiction for me

I'm always looking for my next fix

I'll pretty much make a one for any reason at all

So of course the beginning of the school year seemed like a great excuse

My mom plans to put it on her classroom door for the first week and then they'll just bring it in for the rest of the year 

If you've ever seen any of my wreaths like this Patriotic Wreath or my Easter Wreath they all start out pretty much the same.

Gluing down shreddy paper stuff onto a cardboard wreath form I make

I don't like the foam ones you buy because they're expensive as all hell and I prefer for them to be flat up against the door.

After I covered the whole form I glued on some crayons and small pencil sharpeners

I had another sheet of school themed scrapbook stickers leftover from my School Keepsake Box project

Just like in that project I stuck them onto poster board and glued a small piece of cardboard onto the back to help them pop out better

All that was left was a major focal point

I had bought some word strips for the Keepsake Box that I ended up not using

It hit me  that I could make them into a cute bow!

See...every once and a while I can be a friggin genius!

Don't forget to glue on a pop tab in the back for am easy and cheap way to hang it

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