Thursday, April 12, 2012

Green Chile and Corn Chicken Salad

Everybody loves a good chicken salad and if you don't you're crazy! The only things is sometimes it can get a little dull.  This recipe will liven up your chicken salad repertoire.

You have your standard chicken salad ingredients like chicken (obviously), onion (I prefer red), and mayo. The green chile adds a little spicey flare and the corn takes the place of the grapes or apple in your more traditional recipes.  It still gives a little sweetness but in a more savory way.....if that makes any sense?

Actually, come to think of it this isn't much of a " recipe" at all.  I don't have any exact amounts because to me chicken salad is an opportunity to use leftover chicken so it really all depends on how much chicken you have.

Dice up all your ingredients and mix it all together until the ratio of ingredients seem right to you.  If you like it a little spicier add more chiles, if you like onions to the point of breathing fire like me...keep the onion coming!  You get the idea.

Add the mayo to bind it all together.  If you aren't going to be eating it all right away I suggest adding a little more mayo than you think you will need because the chicken does tend to soak it up.  Season with salt and pepper.  I also like to add a smidgen of cumin for a smokey flavor but that's entirely up to you.

Speaking of mayo, I have been putting that shit in everything these days!  Especially since I have been doing  a low carb diet periodically.  I feel like Marshall Erickson's family in How I Met Your Mother.   Remember the episode where they go home to his family for Thanksgiving?  Lilly is put in charge of making the Erickson family 7 layer salad.  It has layers like gummy bears and potato chips and 14 cups of mayo.  Hahah so classic

Here it is all mixed up

My favorite way to chow down on chicken salad is on some crispy crackers or on a buttery delicious croissant.

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