Friday, April 20, 2012

Wedding I Spy Game

No matter how well timed your reception may be, and I do have to say my DJ did an impeccable job  of moving things along, there is the inevitable lull.  Whether it's because your waiting to hit the buffet line, you don't feel like doing the cha cha slide, or the only person you know at your table just went to the bathroom (been there!), I wanted to add something on each table that would be interactive.  Even if it just gave the guests something to read for a minute. 

So I decided to do an I Spy game.  At the very top it reads....

Use your camera, look around
Hunt for the pictures that need to be found
Shoot away, complete the list
Find the moments we may have missed 

It really served two purposes.  It also got people to take pictures of things we wanted to see.  I put general things like "An artistic shot of your dinner" and "Something sparkly"  but I also had some personalized ones like "Look for the hidden Mo Mo references"  

Mo Mo is our beloved Kitty.  We tried to incorporate her into the wedding as much as we could without actually having our baby there (although in my dream world she would have walked down the aisle with me)
I have to admit one of the main reasons I added that line in was because I felt like I put alot of work into giving her a nod so damn it I wanted people to notice!  Is that too much for a crazy bride to ask?  I didn't think so!  Haha

I printed the lists onto cardstock and then matted them on a contrasting piece of cardstock.  I placed one at each table.

Along with that I put a photo share card at each place setting.  I created a shutterfly account and printed the information (ID and password)  onto business cards that I made using Vistaprint.  You could also just use an email address and have them send the pictures to it if you want to take an easier route.  I wanted to create an account so they could see what other people left as well.  This way they could send the pictures from the game or any pictures from the whole night. =)


It was fun to get peoples pictures and see it from different points of view


  1. I think that was a really good idea!
    Did you receive many photos at your Shutterfly account?

  2. Yes we did! It was alot of fun =) And before you get your professional pictures back it's nice to have lots of pictures to look at