Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Door Decor

Keeping with my goal to have a wreath for every this isn't  much of a ''wreath'' per say, but it goes on the door so close enough!

I found a red, black, and light grey striped rug at Dollar Tree that instantly made me think of a poncho.  So I bought it and colored in the grey stripes with green marker to make it more colorful.

Next, cut out a bottle type shape out of cardboard. 

Fold your rug over the sides near the "neck" and hot glue it down

I also bought a package of cut out from the dollar store.  I glued cardboard pieces onto the back of the sombrero to give it support, then glued that to the neck of the board.

I hot glued a pop tab onto the back as my hanger

Then I just glued on a foam mustache, the guitar cut out, and some maracas.  Done

Yep.  It's cheesy, but what can I say?  I like cheese.

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