Sunday, March 4, 2012

Phineas and Ferb Party Games

Building "Inators" and Contraptions

We collected random odds and ends from home and work like bubble wrap, soup cans, toilet paper rolls etc.  We spray painted some of them grey and blue just to make them a little more interesting. We also got googly eyes, pip cleaners, pop poms, colored foam, duct tape, and glue.  We let the kids have at it and just let them do whatever they wanted. 

  Having fun building

You're Sooo Busted!

As you probably know, Candace is always telling her crazy brothers " You're soooo busted!"  The original idea of this game was that each kid would have one minute to try to "bust" as many balloons as possible by sitting on them while everyone watched.  That didn't quite work out as planned.  Before the directions could even be given they were already all running around popping them.  Either way the kids had a ton of fun so it didn't even matter.

Where's Perry?

I don't have any pictures of this game but it's pretty self explanatory.  The kids took turns being the one to hide a small stuffed Perry and the rest of the group looked.  They played this game FOREVER which was nice and gave us time to get the food all ready.

Coloring Books

My older niece Katie was in charge of printing out pictures of Phineas and Ferb for coloring books.  Just put them all together with a ring.  I had little cellophane bags of crayons leftover from my wedding that I just switched out  the ribbon to match.  It was nice because they served as an activity and favor all in one

This was the last thing we did after presents and cake.  It was a good wind down activity as the parents showed up to take them home.

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