Monday, March 5, 2012

Phineas and Ferb Party Ensemble

Of course the birthday girl had to have a showstopping outfit.  A Perry tshirt from Walmart got the ball rolling.  My sister wanted her to still have something frilly since Elsa is the ultimate girly girly and what's more girly and frilly than a tutu?!!  We found glittery blue tulle on a spool at Michael's.  You'll also need some elastic that is about an inch wide.

Start by measuring their waist.  Subtract 3 inches from that number and cut the elastic to that length. Sew the 2 ends together to create your waistband.

Figure out how long you want their tutu to be.  We figured 15 inches for hers because we wanted it to be a little longer, like a skirt, rather than the traditional tutu that sticks straight out.  If you want the traditional look shoot for around 12 inches in length.

Cut the strips of tulle 2x the length.  So if you want a 15 inch long skirt cut the strip 30 inches.  Our tulle already came 6 inches wide which was perfect.  If you buy your tulle on the large bolts you will have to cut it down to 6 inches wide and then to the desired length.

Put the elastic band around something that is close to the size of their waist.  You want the elastic to be stretched out as you tie on the tulle strips.  The Kitchenaid bowl  was the best thing we could find.  You do watcha gotta do.

Fold the strips in half and bunch it together in the middle.  Take the bunched up middle part and place behind the elastic and form a small space or loop.

Fold the bottom of the tulle up and throw the loop creating a knot.  Do that all the way around and you will have yourself a no sew (well....very little sew) tutu.  We used about 30 yards of tulle but again we made it longer.  If you do 12 inch strips you will only need about 20 yards.

Discalimer:  We got the glitter tulle because it was adorable...and they didn't even have regular blue tulle without glitter.  It gets EVERYWHERE so if you don't feel like living in a pixie dreamland I suggest you skip it.  There was a trail of glitter everywhere she went.


Since Perry has yellowish orange feet we thought it would be cute for her to wear some bright wacky shoes.  Elsa had a gnarly old pair  of flats that were on their way to the garbage

 So my sister just slapped some orange acrylic paint on them.  We knew these were going to be a one time deal so they weren't exactly masterpieces.  They got her through the party and then they went in the trash.  Paired with an orange headband and her ensemble was complete.

She kept calling herself a pretty Perry

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