Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Workout Edition

Nothing forces you to get in shape quite like a wedding.  Whether you're the bride or not it sends you into a sudden panic.  

 My sisters wedding is this June in San Diego.  Not only do I want to be in shape for my dress but also for all the beach time that will come with it.  I'm working out just as hard as I did for my own wedding...but things aren't going so well.....waaaaah!  But that's another post...

I'm not alone though.  My oldest sister (not the bride, another sister) is working out too and we're checking in with each other almost daily.  Her husband is on the wagon as well to try and fit back into his suit.

She even said to him "What the heck are we going to do to keep you in shape now? After this all the sisters will be married and you won't have a wedding to get in shape for every few years"   

 Bahahahaha! A very true statement.....^^^ 

So since working out has been more a part of my life these days than normal (I fall on and off for months at a time) I decided to do a work out version of Wardrobe Wednesday

Tanks: Walmart
Leggings: Kohls 
Sunglasses: 99c Only
Shoes: Skechers (Ross)
Yoga Mat: TJ Maxx

I'm holding the yoga mat for 2 reasons....its my favorite work out....and because I'm in love with how cute it is and wanted to show it off.  And it matched my!

One thing though is I have to be super careful with these leggings.  I usually don't have camel toe issues with leggings because I mostly wear spandex ones which for whatever reason don't give me problems.  These are cotton though so the seam up the crotch is kind of thick so if it moves even a little bit in the wrong direction I get Ninja foot

And in case you're wondering ninja foot is a severe case of camel toe.   I learned this from The Boy

See it?

Moose Knuckle is another favorite

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday!

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