Monday, March 24, 2014

MoMo Monday- Vacation

I'm starting to get REALLY anxious and sad about leaving MoMo behind while we go on vacation.  Yes, I know she's a cat and yes I know we don't leave until June.....but hear me out

Usually when we go on vacation I'll of course miss her....but she always has her Nana to stay with her so at least I'm not at all worried about her.  My mom takes great pride in being the pet sitter for me and all my sisters.  It's not uncommon for her to watch animals twice in one month between all of us.....she loves her furry grandbabies!

The problem this time is that literally EVERYONE will be gone on the same trip since it's for my sisters wedding...of course including our built in pet sitter.  My sisters are all having to book hotels that allow dogs....but that just isn't even an option for Miss MoMo.  Car rides stress her out soooo bad and I know ultimately it would just be bad for her health with her history and age.  I just can't do that to her.

So she's being left at home and we will be having friends check in on her....makes me feel bad!  She's way more attached to people than most cats are.  She can totally fend for herself if need be....but she loves attention like a dog so I'm sure this will be a long week for her...and me.

This of course is coming from the couple who call the house and leave her messages on the answering machine to say hi.....yep....we totally do!  My mom would play them for her and her little ears would perk up.  We're pathetic.....but I embrace it completely 

And it doesn't help either that when we are packing up she gets so sad.  The second she sees a suitcase or a bag com out of the closet and set down in the living room (my packing area of choice) she freaks out and gives me this sad face

She just sits there and watches you pack....its the most heartbreaking thing ever!  Then she usually plops down on my suitcase in protest


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