Friday, March 21, 2014

Farm Party Gift Wrap

A couple weekends ago my niece had a farm themed birthday party...and it was awesome!

Complete with petting zoo

Birthday girl and the pig

And this llama was a total badass!  He was like a celebrity on the red carpet.  I swear that as we all crowded around to take pictures he slowly turned toward each person to get their photo.....llama knows whats up!

And he was the best photo bomber ever

Anways.....getting the point of this post is the gift wrap.  I like to wrap gifts keeping with the theme of the celebration.  In fact, I have a whole section of my blog dedicated to this called "Creative Gift Wrapping"  (look on the left side of the main page)  You can see all my past gift wrapping there

Well of course this party was no different.  I decided to make the gift look like a barn.  It was really easy because all I needed was construction paper and a glue stick

And I did it in like 15 mins.....before I had to leave.  Procrastination at its finest people

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