Monday, March 31, 2014

MoMo Monday- Soak Up The Sun

MoMo is now an indoor cat but it wasn't always that way.  It was more of a gradual progression to get her to that point.  

She first showed up at my house as a stray.  She spent pretty much all her time outdoors and I would have to sit outside to brush her nappy fur and play with her.  Then, slowly she made her way in for a few minutes at a time....she's the cautious type

We got a doggy door and then she started spending even more time inside since she didn't have to have us there to let her in anymore and she could come and go as she pleased.  That quickly brought her from a 50/50 indoor outdoor cat to her spending most of her time inside and just letting herself out the doggy door a few times a day for some sun.   That's how she rolled for a few years up until a year ago when she had to have surgery.

Because of the surgery she couldn't be allowed outside while she healed so the cover went over the doggy door and it hasn't been taken off since.  I decided that with her age and the health problems she had been having that it was time to make the old lady settle down and put an end to her outside partying ways.

Overall she adjusted to becoming a full time indoor cat pretty well.  I think at first she felt so crappy from her surgery anyway she didn't really care and then before you knew it was summer and she has no interest in staying outside when its 112.  Ain't nobody want to be out in that!

But Fall and Spring are another story....that's when the weather is nice here in AZ and she wants in on some of that.  Sunning herself in my craft room window is no longer good enough....she craves the outdoors

It's this time of year that she sneaks out the door anytime we are taking out the garbage or bringing in the groceries.....opens the door with her little paw and scoots right on out

It's so funny to me because she seems to always find the spot right where the shade ends and sunshine she can't wait to go any further so she plops down at the first spot of sun she sees

 See how she's right on the shade line? lol

 And then she rolls....and rolls....and rolls

MoMo just loves soaking up those rays.....check out the video

And then after about 15 minutes.....she's ready to be an indoor cat again.  It's that damn Mohair suit she insists on wearing all the hot! 

 Get it....Mohair??  Merp!

The Boy didn't know that Mohair is a real joke was lost on him :(

Happy MoMo Monday!

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