Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Peter Pan and Wendy Cosplay

After having done Mickey and Minnie and Carl and Ellie we decided on Peter Pan and Wendy for Day 3.  Of the 3 days I would say these were the least "costume-y" and more of the Disney bound style like you see all over Pinterest. Less in your face trying to look exactly like a character and more just inspired by them.....if what I'm saying makes any sense at all?

For Peter Pan I bought The Boy a lime green shirt from Walmart and ordered him a pair of green Dickies off the internet.He wore the same brown shoes he did for Carl and also Woody way back in the day.  That left his hat.  

I thought it would be cool to have it be an everyday modern style hate....just done to look like Peter's hat instead of him actually wearing one like the kind you buy at the park.

So this is what I came up with.  I found a white fedora at Walmart

And broke out the old Rit dye and dyed it dark green and then hot glued a red feather in place.  I forgot to take an after picture of the hat on its own.....but you can see it here.  (It was bright as CRAP so please excuse the terrible face shadows etc)

For Wendy Bird I bought a cheap white shirt and cheap white shorts and dyed them both light blue.  I went with white for both so I could dye them to the same shade to imitate her nightgown being all the same color instead of buying two different pieces that would be different shades of blue.  Which really isn't a big deal.....but for some reason I was stuck on them being the exact same.

Hindsight I wish I had left them in longer....but I was having some weird yellow spots appearing on parts of the clothes so I pulled them a little early for fear it would get worse.  And to finish my Wendy look I curled my hair that day and wore a darker blue bow in my hair. Oh and black shoes

While we were shopping I had to snap a picture of our inspirations

And here we are...........

Funny story....ironically we were wearing these outfits as we stood in line for Peter Pan's Flight when I noticed a Smee in the  line with us.

I gave The Boy and nudge and pointed him out.  That's when we decided that as soon as we got closer to him in line we would ask to take a picture.  He happily obliged and then put on a grump face for the picture.

Let me warn you.  It is like a terrible, HORRIBLE picture of me.  It was toward the end of a June day spent out in the sun and I look like a sweaty disheveled mess and my curls have fallen out. I guess I got way to turnt at the House of Mouse. lol But here it is anyway........................................................................

A nasty Wendy, a cute Peter Pan, and a stranger Smee. What a scene!

Well that completes the outfits for this Disney Week....more Disney goods to come!

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