Monday, October 6, 2014

A Guide to (More) Food in California Adventure

Disney Week continues!  Today is all about food in California Adventure.  This is a Volume 2 because I wrote another one back about 2 years ago.  Click HERE to check it out.  Now let's dive into the new eats I discovered

We started off our day at The Pacific Wharf for breakfast.  This was out of the norm for us because we never have breakfast in the park.  We either eat at the hotel or consider our 11 am stop for clam chowder to be breakfast.  Actual breakfast type foods never really enter the picture....until this particular day.

We both thought the croissant breakfast sandwich sounded pretty good, and for $4.49 with some grapes and orange wedges I thought it was pretty decently priced too.

Next snack pit stop was at The Cozy Cone Motel.  In the past we've had the chilli cone and pretzels bites, so for the sake of trying something new we got the Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist for $4.39

In my world everything could have more garlic and cheese...but I liked it.  A little dry on the ends where there wasn't as much cheese....but not enough for me to not eat it.  Go figure

Our next stop for a real sit down meal was over at the Paradise Garden Grill.  I had been wanting to eat there since our last trip because they have Greek/Mediterranean food, some of my favorite.

The Boy got the Gyro Platter for $12.49

It came with cucumber salad and tabouli.

I opted for the Mediterranean Skewers.  You had the choice of steak, chicken, spicy meatball, or tofu with veggies.  Then you picked one of 3 sauce: tzatziki, chimichurri, or spicy tomato.

I chose the steak with chimuchurri sauce.  It came with rice pilaf and cucumber salad

I liked everything.  The steak could have used more seasoning, but that's typical to me at restaurants.  But with a sprinkle of more salt and the chimichurri it was really good.  Espcially wrapped up in a little bit of the pita

The pita bread was really good.  It had a nice char on it and was not overly fake. I hate the really fake type pita bread that is super dry and reminds me of a Taco Bell Gordita.  This was moist and fluffy.  The rice was fluffy too and not!  Overall I thought it was pretty successful

While we were ordering, The Boy suddenly ordered some baklava.  It wasn't part of the original plan...but I was game!

Apparently he thought I didn't want any and ate the whole thing himself before I could finish my plate.....but I did in fact want some.  This resulted in him feeling bad and going back to buy another....which I then ate all by myself too.  It probably worked out for the best that we each got our I'm not complaining.  And it was only $3.69 a piece so I'm really not feeling too bad about it

I just love the ooey gooeyness of baklava.  And the flaky's good.

This is sold in both parks so I could have posted it in a Disneyland post....but since we technically ate it in CA Adventure I thought I would post it here.  Mickey ice cream!

Prior to this trip we had never had Mickey ice cream before.  Does that make me a bad Disney fan?  It kinda makes me feel weird to even admit it!!

I chose the ice cream sandwich

And The Boy got the ice cream on a sick

And holy crap was it frozen! I mean I get it...yes ice cream is frozen.  But this stuff was a damn rock!!  It was hard to enjoy

I swear the woman took it from the coldest most remote corner of the freezer....cuz it was like gnawing on a Mickey brick.  And I do have to say....I have never come across a rude Disney employee until this woman.  Isn't that ironic?  

Needless to say our ice cream dreams were a little crushed....but someday I'll get it again and hopefully it won't be rock solid 

Next up....Hot link corn dogs!

In both my Volume 1 CA Adventure food  and Volume 1 Disneyland Food I ramble on and on and on about how much I LOVE Disneyland corn dogs.  Like I really, REALLY do.  So much that we will eat one every single day that we are there with no shame whatsoever.

Well.....over in CA Adventure they also offer a Hot Link Corn Dog at the Corn Dog Castle.  We had been meaning to try it for a while and the time had finally come

For $7.99 (30 cents more than the original corn dog) you get a a monsterous corn dog with a bag of chips or sliced apples.  (But seriously though....who gets the apples? It's vacation damn it!)

Here's a pic for ya to show you how huge and filling these bad boys are

They aren't messing around! Which is exactly why I still dub the corn dog combo as the best deal in the entire park.  It will fill you up as a meal and comes at a good price considering.  Anyway....back to the hot link binass.....

In this picture you can sort of see it's hot linkiness...see how it looks a little spicey?

It was good....really good!  In fact my husband deemed this his favorite...a big statement considering how much he loved the original corn dog.  I on the other hand am sticking with my corn dog as my favorite.  Don't get me wrong....I really did like it!  But while I can wolf down a regular corn dog no problem and still contemplate getting a second one (I never do, I just always contemplate mind gets ahead of my full stomach) I could barely finish this one.  When I was getting down to the end I threw in the towel and let The Boy have the rest.

Maybe this is just my fat girl mentality shining through....but I guess I considered that a tad bit of defeat lol.  The corn dogs are rich in general...but this was a tad bit too rich for least to finish the whole thing myself.  But I will gladly get myself a regular corn dog in the future and The Boy can get a hot link and I will just steal bites from him.  That's what wives do anyway right?? 

Now let's end this post with a little booze.

Now imma be honest witchoo.....I had every intention of getting lit and walking around Disneyland.  Well....maybe lit is the wrong word.  I never imagined myself stupid drunk....just to the point of floppy.  To where my arms feel warm and I'm right on the cusp of not being able to feel my face....toasty I should say.  I just thought tipsy toasty mixed with Disney magic would be an experience of my we set out to get some booze!

I'm not a beer bloats me and wastes my we headed to Rita's Baja Blenders.  They had the regular margarita for $7.75 but I upped the ante and got The Grand Margarita for $8.25.  It's supposed to have extra liquor in it

Homegirl don't do fake strawberry so I went for the lemon lime.

And got to slurrpin right away!!

And sadly....nothing happened.  Not a damn thing.  Not even a 2 second buzz....not even the beginnings of "awwww"  Nuttin.  All it did was leave me shivering.

It could have been a lot of things in hindsight.  

A.  I could just be a lush and even the Grand maragarita won't do anything to me
B.  I don't normally do frozen drinks....I'm a rocks kinda I could have just taken waaaaay to long nursing it from it's coldness to get any kind of anything going. OR the cold sent my body into over drive and all my energy went to warming me up and not to feeling a buzz.  Sounds scientific and legit right?
C.  I ate way too much food beforehand

We almost went to get another immediately to see if I could conjur something up....but I was turned off by the frozen aspect...just not my style dreams of gettin floppy in Disneyland will just have to wait....though I am not giving up hope!!

I think it will take some planning beforehand.  Maybe a few hours without food....and maybe a trip to the Cozy Cone Motel for a Vodka Pomegranate Limeade instead.  I'm actually kinda kicking myself for not going that route in the first live and learn right?  A Disney buzz will be mine!!  (flexes bicep)

Well that about sums up this trips food crawl through California Adventure.  Be sure to check all my past posts for food in CA Adventure and Disneyland (links are earlier in this post)

Hope this comes as some sort of help to you.  Comment and let me know what foods you've had and what I need to try next time :)


  1. I have been to The Pacific Wharf last weekend with my friends. That’s true that its food prices are reasonable as well as they serve yummy food. Hey, Can you send me some information on Boston restaurants too? Actually, we are planning a trip to Boston in summers.

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