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A Guide to (More) Food in Disneyland

I'm back with all kinds of Disney yums.  And before we dive in, I want to remind you that 2 years ago I wrote the original Guide to Food In Disneyland, making this a Volume 2 (thus the "More" in the title)

So if you haven't read that post yet I suggest you do before you start reading this one and go "What the heck!!... where are the churros? Where's the corn dogs??"  because they're in the first simmer down now.  I kid.

The first post I did was more about the staples that I get every time I go to Disneyland and trying one or two new things.  For the sake of blogging.....and not just because I love food and use vacation as an excuses to gorge myself until I gain 8lbs that then takes me 6 months to, no...for the sake of blogging I have tried even more Disney delicacies to share with you.  Now let's get to my second favorite thing besides eating food.....talking about food!

*All prices are from when we were there 6/ 9/14-6/11/14

In the first post you'll remember how I said our first food pit stop of the day is always a bowl of clam chowder in New Orleans Square.  Well after some deep deeeeeep conversation, The Boy and I decided to shake it up a little bit and hit up the Harbour Galley right off The Haunted Mansion along the water of the Mark Twain Riverboat

We got alll kinds of wild and crazy and ordered a Lobster Roll. For $13.99 you got the sandwich and chips that are dusted with some sort of yummy seasoning....maybe cajun?  I can't really remember but I loved them.

And while the price may seem a tad steep....your are in Disneyland....and they really load up on the lobster!  Had there been less maybe I would have felt ripped off...but there was a surprisingly good amount.  I loved how lemony the dressing was but there wasn't too much to overpower the lobster goodness.  It was all in good proportion and piled onto a nicely toasted roll. I would highly recommend it. 

But for the record....we ultimately decided we still NEEDED to start our day off with some clam chowder.  Luckily they also sell the chowder at the Harbour Gallery so we got one of each and split it between the two of us. It was necessary....gotta keep up the tradition right?

They sell Broccoli cheese soup here as well which is what my niece got and always does gets.  I took and bite and it is delicious!.....but I'll stick with my has my heart. This was a good snack to get our Disney day rolling.  Snack?? say.  Isn't that a full meal?  On a normal day...yes, it would be considered a meal....but not on a Disney day.  Disney days take eating to a whole new level.

Next up.....Dole Whips!

Last trip I had a Dole Whip for the very first time.....and my life was forever changed.  Before I was even finished eating said Dole Whip, I started dreaming of when I would try the float version.

See....I have this thing for floats.  Root beer, orange,...whatever.  I love me some ice cream and drank!  So I was super excited to get my dirty paws on a Dole Whip float....and this trip was my opportunity

Stroll on over to the stand just outside the Tiki Room and for $5.79 you get your float complete with little umbrella

But here's the crappy part.  I was so pumped up about and was so sure I'd love it....and I didn't.  Don't get me wrong, I liked it.....just didn't love it.  I think from now on I'll stick the to the traditional soft serve.  But you never know which you'll prefer until you try them both!

Moving on to the next......

This may come as a shock to you....but in all my 24 years I had never had a funnel cake before.  Crazy right?

So I decided Disneyland  was the perfect place to finally give it a try.  I totally forgot to make note of the price, but I got it at The Stage Door Cafe in Frontierland.  I went super traditional and got the powdered sugar topping as opposed to the strawberry or chocolate.  It was pretty much everything I wanted it to be.  Coming from a girl who used to basically deep fry her pancakes as a kid instead of "griddling" them....funnel cake was my dream come true.  Light and crispy and not overly greasy.  What's not to love about fried battery goodness?

While were on a sweets kick, here's the other sweet treat we got...a peanut butter sandwich

It's basically graham cracker topped with peanut butter stuff (filling? frosting? Does it really matter?) and covered in chocolate.  A peanut butter lovers dream.  It only set us back $3.99 at Pooh's Corner 

We've made it sort of a tradition to buy something out of the sweets case before we settle in for the Parade.  We almost always get toffee (it's one of my favorites!) and have gotten cupcakes and dipped pretzels before too.  Now we've added this to the list and I'm pretty sure it will become a regular for us

Continuing on....we had also never gotten popcorn before.  I think mostly because it's not that "special" in comparison to the other foods.  But after a few sweets, some salt sounded really good so we finally bought ourselves a box

And it was some damn good popcorn.  I can be pretty pick about it too....but it was the perfect amount of butter and salt.  You can't ask for much else

Last but not least for this trip....we finally ate at The Carnation Cafe on Main St.  We don't normally take away from precious ride time to eat at sit down restaurants in Disneyland, but considering we were there an extra day than normal we thought we could squeeze it in.

There were two major things that reeled us in: The PB&J soda, and the fried pickles.

Sadly, the PB&J soda had just recently been taken off the menu. Wah Waaah! But I do have high hopes that popular demand will bring it back someday and we can try it.  I'm gonna keep a positive outlook on this one

Luckily the fried pickles were still on the menu!  For a pickle lover like myself this was something I just had to have

For $5.99  you got nice panko crusted pickle spears with their House Sauce for dipping.  Not a bad start to the meal....not bad at all....

We also went all old timey and shared a Cherry Malt.  (cue 90s sitcom "Awwwwww" track)

I always thought I didn't like malts....but I guess I do.  Maybe the other ones I had were to malty before....or maybe everything just tastes better in Disneyland.  Either are entirely possible.

For another $5.99 we got to look super cute and coupley.  Except we only had one it actually wasn't that cute...but whatevs.

For the main course The Boy got The Main St. Cheeseburger for $12.99. Your typical cheeseburger fixings on a brioche bun along with that house sauce again.  He added bacon because..well.....why not?

This lady got herself a Sourdough Bacon Cheese Melt for $14.99


Pepperjack cheese, grilled onions, bacon, and spicy house sauce on toasty sourdough

The Boy liked the spicy sauce so much he asked the waiter to bring him a side of it for his burger.  We slathered that stuff on everything...dipped a few fries.  It was good eats

That sums up all the new eats we tried. It was fun to try some new things but at the same time I think it's created a biiiiiig problem for our next trip.  Instead of our usual 5, 6 things we have to we're gonna have to get like 30. But I think I can handle that problem....I gear up for months for this Disney food crawl.  I accept the challenge whole heartedly!

 Like I said at the beginning of the post, don't forget to check out Volume one of Disneyland food.  I also have posts on food in California Adventure so be sure to check those out too!

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