Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Mickey and Minnie Cosplay

Welcome to Disney Week Volume 2! 

 A whole week of goodies for all my Disney peeps and freaks.  All from our trip to the House of Mouse back in June.  

Let's break it all in with the outfits we wore the first day...Mickey and Minnie of course! The greatest couple of all time

Last trip we also went as Mickey and Minnie the first day

And we wanted to do it again....just tweaked a tiny bit.  And by a tiny bit I mean I kept The Boy's outfit entirely the same and only redid mine

Does that make me a bad wife? Hopefully not......

I actually had a completely different Minnie Mouse outfit in mind. Next trip it'll happen so I'm gonna keep it under wraps until then.  But anyway.....point is I was on the  hunt for an entirely different outfit idea when I happened to come across this skirt

I was with my sisters scouring the earth for wedding shoes ( was ridiculously hard to find appropriate wedges to wear for a beach wedding) when we made our way through Forever 21 

There it was....just hanging there in all it's Minnie Mouse perfection.  We oohed and awwed over it....but I was ready to keep walking because it wasn't what was in my head for this trips outfit.  See....once I get something in my head it can be next to impossible for me to shake it.

My sisters gave the "are you freakin kidding me???" speech along with the "I'm not letting you leave this store without this skirt" talk. was super cheap. Like $8 or something crazy like that.  So I took their older sister wisdom and bought the skirt and began to wrap my head around tweaking my outfit again.

The top would be simple....I would just wear a black shirt.  For shoes I would need them to be yellow.
In the previous Minnie outfit I wore an old pair of painted Converse, but those were high tops and I wanted something low top to go with the skirt

So I dyed my own!  I have a full tutorial HERE . So I wore my new dyed shoes, and The Boy wore the ones I painted him last year. (the red shoes are my niece)

And just like that our outfits were complete.

The resemblance is simply uncanny right??

Stick around for more Disney posts all week!

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