Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Pre Pregnancy Pack

So my seester Kinsey just got married June 6th.  So she hasn't even technically been married a month yet.....but we're already trying to get her knocked up.

Ok so maybe "we" was the wrong word to use....the actually pregnation if you will is of course left to her new hubby

But I am doing what I can to help the effort!

For her birthday (just about a week after her wedding) I made her a Pre Pregnancy Pack.  Basically all the essentials she would need from conception and into pregnancy

Included was: Ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, hemorrhoid towelettes, cream, and cooling packs, antacids, cocoa butter cream, cocoa butter lotion, saltines, anti nausea liquid, saltines, pickles,  and the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting"

If I didn't know for certain that she had just bought herself prenatals I most definitely would have included those as well

And the cool thing about this pack is you could just take out the ovulation and pregnancy tests and it works out perfectly for a woman who is already pregnant

I put it all together in a basket and also included a stylish barf bucket (if barf buckets can even be stylish?)

The barf bucket ( like the one I made my friend going through chemo) is just a cheap trash can covered in printed duct tape.  Both our older sisters were pretty sick when they were pregnant.  One of them always got stuck in traffic because there was only one way in and one way out of her suburb city and it would be backed up for miles.  She spent many evenings opening her car door and yaking on that road lol Poor thing!

Too bad I was only 16 at the time and not as thoughtful.....she could have really used a nice travel barf bucket back then ;)

Anywho....my mom wasn't a huge fan of the gift when I showed her.  She was like.....'Why??"  Now I get it.....if somebody gave this gift to me......it would totally be annoying....because we aren't anywhere near trying to have kids right now.  It would come off as super pushy.  They on the other hand are trying so I don't think it's (as) annoying. She also said that maybe I should have only given her one or two things from the basket and then given her a gift she ACTUALLY wanted...say whaaaaat? Oh well....it wasn't for my mama anyway! haha

So here's hoping this stuff will help her get knocked up.  Get a bun in that oven. Kill the rabbit.  Get that eggo preggo. Make her eat for two

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