Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Basics with a Pop

So I think I've finally pin pointed my "style"....if you want to call it that. I've never felt the need to define my style before....but I think I'm just noticing what it is I do so now I can sort of put a label on it

I definitely tend to lean towards basics and neutrals.  The kinds of things that can very easily be mixed and matched and kept for years on end without going out of style. Nothing too trendy.

Because of this I don't have many pieces that are crazy prints.  While I totally admire girls that can pull off busy prints and bright colors on a daily basis....I also accept that I am not one of those girls

I prefer to wear basics/neutrals with maybe one thing that sort of pops.  I'm still working on using jewelry as that "pop"....and actually I'm still sucking at it.  Still not my thing.  For my it's easier to use other accessories as your "pop"  Like shoes, a cardigan, or a scarf. Accessories are also an easier way to incorporate things that are  more trendy without spending as much money or taking as much as a risk as it would be with a larger piece

Here's a perfect example

Boyfriend T: Target

Jeans: Charlotte Russee
Leopard cardigan: Thrifted
Black Ked Style Tennies:Walmart
Leopard Tennies: Walmart

Very basic top and jeans...but with two different spins on the pop of interest.  The left is for those of you that don't live in an oven like me.  A cardigan just isn't practical here in AZ because it NEVER cools down.  Not even at night. 

The outfit on the right is much more realistic for me....but not nearly as cute in my opinion.  Since I can't wear the cardigan without suffering heat stroke and my brain melting...I swapped out leopard tennies instead of the plain black

So style seems to be basics with one interesting item. Except I may have just blown that entire theory with this one single quote

Yup.....I have to agree with this one.  In that case my theory is is now just an outfit made up solely of neutrals.  So much for that lol

How would you define your style?  Let me know!

Happy {Wardrobe} Wednesday!

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