Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cilantro Green Goddess Dressing

It's Summer....it's hot.....and turning on my oven just isn't happening.  My AC is already running 24/7 and I'm pretty sure my house would never recover if I turned on the oven

That leaves meals to the stove top  or cold dishes....and I'll gladly take a cold dish in this sweltering Arizona heat.  I've had a huge craving for salads lately so I thought it was time to stop being lazy and depending on bottled dressings and make my own

I combined pretty much everything I love...cilantro, mayo, lemon, garlic....and some other yum yums!

It's super simple....just combine all the ingredients together in a food processor or blender and you're done!  I forgot white vinegar in my ingredients picture.....whoops!  If you're thinking that it sounds like too much acid using both lemon AND vinegar....it's not I promise! Even though they are both acidic they hit your palate in different ways that I love together. If you are leery about it, start with the juice of one lemon along with the vinegar and then add more lemon juice from there.  I LOVE lemon so I did the juice of 2 lemons.  Don't be afraid to play around and adjust things to your taste.

 Oh and about the anchovies.....they really are delicious!  I totally understand if you don't want to go biting into one straight out of the can....but they really do make the dressing!  Just like they do in caesar dressing....it adds a depth and saltiness that you would totally miss out on if you left them out.  Don't be scurred!

It's delicious of course as a salad dressing or just as a dip.  And I'm drooling over the thought of eating it over a nice flank steak....yum!  You could do so  much with this...it's not just for greens

 Cilantro Green Goddess Dressing

1 cup mayo
1 cup sour cream
3 anchovy fillets
1 bunch cilantro . All the leaves and 1/2 the stems
Juice of 1-2 lemons (I do 2)
2 cloves garlic
5 green onion
1 Tb. white vinegar
Salt & Pepper to taste

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender or food processor.  Store in airtight container in the fridge

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