Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- My Struggle with Summer Style

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who feel the complete oppostite of me...but Summer is my absolute least favorite season to style.

A big part of it my very well be me living in Arizona... the heat is just sooooo extreme! Today's high for example is's flippin hot! When I'm hot and sweaty it's nearly impossible for me to feel cute.  I can't even go run a simply errand without my back getting soaked from sitting against the car seat or getting a sever case of swamp ass.  Scratch that....I actually get swamp EVERYTHING

It's terrible.  I don't feel cute, make up is a joke because it just melts off my fac, and my hair is either in a braid or a bun.  "Styling" just isn't gonna happen because comfort is my main priority in this kind of heat

In my dream world I would just spend the entire summer naked.  Great for my husband....a nightmare for everyone else.   So if I can't be naked the next best thing is limited clothing.....which equals flowy maxi dresses and shorts and tank tops

Not that those things can't be cute....because of course they totalllllly can be.  But it gets old to me very fast and isn't very fun or exciting to style.  I lose interest and just end up leaving the house in the same two to three outfits over and over.  I prefer the layers of Fall and Winter clothes.  I like how adding a scarf can completely make an outfit, or layering just can't do that when it's 115 outside.

So needless to say....Summer sucks for me in the style department.  I haven't even been taking any pictures of my outfits at all because I can't even handle the 10 minutes it takes outside to snap the photos.  All I have for you is a picture I took in my hotel in San Diego before heading out for a day of fun

Hat: Fashion Q
Shirt: Ross
Shorts: Ross
Sandals: Charlotte Russe

See what I mean?  Hat...braid....shorts....flip flops.....nothing special at all.  

What's your favorite season to style?  What's your least favorite and why? I wanna hear your struggle yo!

Happy {Wardrobe} Wednesday!

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