Thursday, March 28, 2013

Low Carb "Baked Potato"

To many low carbers out there...this is most likely old news to you...but just in case, I thought I would share anyway

In the very beginning of me adapting this lifestyle 3 things quickly became my staples:

Cream Cheese
& Cauliflower

As more time passes and I begin experimenting more other things are being added as staples but these 3 were my go tos in the very early days

Now, I already loved cauliflower anyway but once you begin eating LC you realize what an incredibe vegetable it is so versatile

Here is one of my favorite ways to eat a baked "fauxtatoe"

Here I am having it completely loaded ....bacon, green onion, sour cream,cheese, salt pepper.....all the goods

As you should know low carb means you can eat high fat, so you can have that sour cream, bacon, and that ribeye I have right there and not feeling like you're missing out at all

Just steam (or microwave) cauliflower florettes and eat it just as you would potato. I like to mash it up a little and leave some lumpy...I like the mix of textures

I started doing this alot because at my job we have baked potato bar as an entree every few weeks or so.   It became one of my favorite lunches.  The first time I finally made it at home The Boy gobbled it down and said  "Why have I never had this until now?   We need to do this more often"

I think that means he likes it?.....

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