Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Camping Themed Gift Wrap

If you look under my "Creative Gift Wrapping" label (left side of screen) you'll probably notice that cool gift wrap is our thang

Whether The Boy is making  me a Dharma Drop, or we make a Perry the Platypus box we like to keep things in line with the theme....and of course super cool

Since Elsa was having a Camping themed party we thought a camper gift box would be the way to go

I wish I could take credit for this one....but this is all The Boys' hard work.  I was too busy working on the S'mores Cake , so while I baked and decorated, he sat at the kitchen table and whipped this snazzy thing up


Just a plain old box I brought home from work

Then after some white paper, hot glue, carboard wheels, and some marker action.......................

Notice the purposely uneven blinds? We thought it gave realistic effect

Cute little tow hitch

 Sleeping bags strapped to the top

Spare tire, an Oklahoma license plate (the state she was born in) and some creepy eyes looking out the window

The pressure was on as she picked our gift to open first

But I think we passed

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