Thursday, March 21, 2013

Camping Party Games & Activites

I think it's always best to start a kids party off with something that sort of a singular activity....that way they can work on it themselves and hang out instead of everyone sitting around waiting for that last kid to arrive so the games can start

That activity was to color drawstring bags with a camping scene

My sister bought these bags from Oriental Trading and a couple packs of fabric markers

And the backpacks served as their loot bag to take everything home

Next up we had a bug hunt.  We hid a bunch of fake bugs all around the backyard and gave each of them a mini tin can to collect as many as they could find

There were 2 "Super bugs" that we marked with red nail polish.  Who ever found those got a Snoopy camping coloring book as a prize

Next they played a modified version of cornhole (we only went up to 3) 

After they won they got to pick out 2 of these little camping duckies (also from oriental trading)

After cornhole they got to practice some archery

We made each kid a PVC bow that they could take home....(I promise I will post a tutorial on how we made them's much too long for this post)


These kids were really good...much better than I expected.  Seems kids these days have a natural ability for stuff like that....I one the other hand took many many tries before I shot one correctly haha

Followed by some pretend play in the campsite

Being a group of 8 year old girls this of course included a ton of screaming......good thing this wasn't a sleepover party......geesh!

Next up....weenie roast!

We wanted to capture the fun of a weenie roast but without the open flames because A.) It was 80 degrees that day and B.) Big open flames didn't seem like a good idea

So here is what I came up with

I found these votive candles for 50c each at Walmart  (It had a sticker I peeled off)

I measured around the holder and made a flame template that would fit nicely around

Then cut out the flames in both red and orange...along with 6 logs for each candle

I used Mod Podge to glue down the flames and logs

This way each kid got their own personal campfire to roast their weenies

We used Lil Smokies

It was alot of fun.  We cooked those right before lunch so they could eat them with their big hot dogs and mini burgers

And last but not least.....the trail mix bar!

This was the last activity before they went home

We had allllll sorts of goodies.  M&Ms, cheesy popcorn, peanuts, raisin, cinnamon teddy name it!

Oh and I certainly can't forget the pictures

This backdrop was from Oriental Trading and matched the tablecloths and decorations 

That about sums it up

It was more than enough activities to fill up the time but nothing felt too forced...all the kids seemed to have fun


  1. What a great party. With all those activities you kept them having fun all day. Well done.

  2. Was wondering if you could post your tutorial on how you made the PVC bows for the party? Thanks so much for the ideas!

  3. Thank you for posting these ideas! What a fun party you threw. We're throwing a camping party next month and I've love to find those Oriental Trading Company drawstring bags and those backdrops for pictures. I know it's been 2.5 years, but any chance you know where your sister bought these? (I'm keeping my fingers crossed you may have a link -- I looked and couldn't find them.)


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