Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patricks Day Mini Tree

I've had a little lime green mini Christmas tree since I was 16 that I used to keep in my bedroom.  For the last couple years I had the idea in my head of making it into a St. Patricks Day tree and this was the year to finally do it!

There aren't exactly alot of St. Patty's ornaments in the's not like the average american household has St. Patricks Day that meant making my own

I used green ribbon, glitter table scatter, and little gold coins

Just hot glue the ribbon onto the back

I did the same process for the coins

I had these big foam shamrocks left over from last year

I hot glued around the outer edge of one shamrock on the top half, leaving the bottom part unglued and sandwiched the two together

This created a small pouch

(Please....PLEASE ignore the fact that it looks like I was digging in the front yard.  That's paint under my nails, not mud was a craft filled day and I'm a messy crafter)

This pouch lets you slip it over the top branch to use it as a tree topper. Ya know...instead of a star

See.....see what I did there?

Here it is all together.....I couldn't get a good quality picture....I feel like it looks much better in person

And here is a close up of the ornaments

And all light up at night

I like it so much I think I may have just started something bad.....really really bad.   I'm already a Holiday wreath whore.....I think maybe I might be a holiday tree whore next

Yep.....I think I love that idea! ;)


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