Monday, August 26, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #18

This weekend I learned that MoMo is even more like a human child than even I had ever realized. I mean I knew....she's definitely more human than typical cat.....but she really proved it this weekend

Here in AZ we don't get much weather besides hot, hotter, and scorching, so as you can imagine a big storm the other night was a little out of the norm for us.

It was about 4:30 AM and both me and The Boy were laying awake in bed and talking because we had been woken up by thunder.   Suddenly there was another HUGE clap of thunder,....louder than I have ever heard in my entire life, followed by the sounds of an instant down pour.

It was at that exact moment that from down the hall we heard a "jingle jingle jingle" as MoMo came running into our room, jumped up on our bed, and nestled herself between the two of us.  Just like a scared little kid

I love that damn cat!

Later that same day she proved her baby qualities yet again.  She was laying on my chest in bed and The Boy covered the top of her with our comforter.  I decided I wanted to sit up so I swaddled her in the blanket like a baby and sat up holding her in my arms like an infant....thinking of course that any second she would jump out.   15 minutes later.....I was still holding her.

Who knew she would love being swaddled so much?

I managed to snap a few pictures.  They look like she is just laying in blankets, but that's because I took aerial shots from about the height of my head.  But just keep in mind these are of her being held up against my chest

 She should tide us over in the kid department for a few more years.

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