Saturday, August 24, 2013

Guacamole with Cottage Cheese

I have a deep love and appreciation for avocados.  I probably should considering I have one tattooed on my arm.  Because if I didn't love them....I guess that would make my tattoo silly now wouldn't it?

Let's just cross our fingers I never develop an allergy to them....cuz that would just be unfortunate

I'll take an avocado anyway I can get.  In a wrap or sandwich, chunked up in salsa, in deliciously fresh ceviche, eating it straight with a spoon and some salt, and of course everybody's favorite....guacamole!

 Guacamole is pretty much good no matter what.....but I'm going to go all Emeril on you and kick it up a notch! 


And that means adding cottage cheese to it. heard right....cottage cheese!  Don't go turning up your noise too quickly now.  It's CRAZY good!

The very first time I ever had it was at my sisters house when I was babysitting my (now 14 year old) niece.  She was probably 2 at the time so that would make me like...11.  Holy guacamole that was a long time ago!!  

I remember it all so vividly it's actually kind of odd.  As she was leaving she told me  to help myself to whatever food was in the house and that she had just made a small bowl of guacamole if I wanted some.  Well....apparently I wanted some. At the time I wasn't even entirely sure what was in it but I couldn't stop shoveling it into my mouth.  

I was doing that stupid thing where you're super addicted to it but are trying to convince yourself you won't eat that much.   I would eat a few chip fulls, recover it with the plastic wrap, put back in the fridge and go back to play with my niece.

Not even 5 minutes would go by before I was back in the kitchen for more....repeating the process.  After a few rounds of this I stopped wasting precious time and began scooping it straight from fridge.

Before I knew it I had almost devoured the entire bowl myself.  I was ridden with guilt and shame.  Sure anytime you do an kind of "sitting" whether it be baby, house, or pet, they always tell you to help yourself to whatever you want.  But your not actually supposed to eat it ALLLLL.  I was struck with panic and did the worst thing ever.  In an effort to not technically have eaten the bowl I left a few small spoonfuls in the bowl.  

True story. I know....shameful.  I can only imagine what was going through their head when they found that near empty bowl in their fridge. 

Fast I am an adult and can buy and make this for myself whenever I want.  AND I can eat the whole bowl and not feel bad.  I should probably make my dear seester a bowl sometime to make up for my transgressions over 12 years ago.  I'll put it on my to do list.  Let's just hope I can make it to her house before repeating the past

Enough about my gluttonous for the recipe

Actually file this one as another NON recipe

Just make your guacamole the way you like it.  Mine includes jalepeno, garlic, chopped tomato, lemon, red onion, salt, and LOADS of lemon juice

Then add some cottage cheese.  I like the full fat large curd kind....but that's just me gotta try it!  It's a great party food just in time for football season.   Not only does it add some protein to your snacking but it also stretches your guacamole further for a crowd.  Win and win!

And since I watch my carbs I like to eat mine on chicharonnes....Or pork rinds in English ;)

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