Monday, October 1, 2012

Candy Corn Wreath

Geeez!  Another long stretch without blogging

I've been a busy broad!

(see...see what I did there?)

Again this whole "job thang" is just cramping my blogging style

I wish I could just stay home all day and craft and blog my little heart out

But me and the husband have a lifestyle we have to maintain

We like to eat

Oh and we like having shelter too

We're weird like that

It wasn't just work that's kept me busy.....I've been a Halloween wreath making fool!

My entire living room is covered in wreaths (and glitter..sorry hubs!)

For realz

But that means I present to you......

Halloween Wreath Week

over here at The Busy Broad

Makes me feel like a legit blogger

Even though I'm pathetically far from legit

But all the cool bloggers have enough "like" material to fill up an entire themed week

So the fact that I do now too make me feel like one of the cool kids 

First wreath up is the Candy Corn Wreath

All my wreath starts off pretty much the same because I'm a creature of habit  

if you go HERE  you can see detailed instruction

But you're a smart cookie and I'm pretty sure you can figure out how hot gluing works

Made the big corn out of foam

And the little ones are wood that I painted and then covered in a lightly glittery paint but it doesn't show up in the picture well

That's it!

Stay tuned for more Halloween Wreaths

The biggest issue was deciding which one to keep for ourselves

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  1. So cute and creative! I hope you will link this up to the Fall, Halloween Wreaths challenge over at my blog, The CSI Project.
    You can start linking up Wednesday night! Come on over!!!
    We are having a great giveaway too!
    Each week is a new craft challenge!