Monday, October 15, 2012

Mummy Cake

I first made this mummy cake for a Halloween party at my sisters 4 years ago

and I've made it many many times since

It was one of my most requested cake designs ever

It's super easy to make yourself too!

All you have to do is bake your cake mix in an oven safe bowl in whatever size you want.  Mine was either 8 or 9 inches

Then just frost the entire cake except leave some of the cake bare on top  for where you're going to place the eyes.

Cut strips of white fondant (I always made my own out of marshmallows)  and place all over the cake, pressing it into the frosting a bit.

Make your eyes and place over the area you left plain, securing with frosting.

Add a spider on top of the head for a touch of fun

And that's it!  Perfect for a kids party

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  1. I love your mummy cake! So festive and so fun! Thanks for sharing!