Monday, September 10, 2012

Football Team Wreath

I'm not much of a football girl

I know

That makes me unamerican right?

I also HATE apple pie

But I do like baseball


I feel like I did my part and put in my time

The whole first season that we were dating I sat my ass on the couch next time The Boy and watch EVERY SINGLE GAME

Every one

Even college

I was even thinking of borrowing my sisters "Football for Dummies" book to try and get myself into it more

But I just can't do it

It stops every 5 freakin seconds and I can't handle it

At least basketball (which I like to watch) keeps moving the entire time

The only thing good about football is the parties and dip

I like dip

My simple disinterest in it has now turned to disdain

See, The Boy comes from a big football family

His parents have season tickets and the whole family is alllll about it

They teased me in the beginning of our relationship about not liking it and I could take the jokes for a while...and then....

It just got old!

I remember one time over text they asked The Boy if he had seen a specific play

He told them no because I was watching something on the TV

They said that I should get back to my baking and mending so he could watch the football game

Call me a Sensitive Sally.....but that was kind of it for me
 I just totally checked out of any effort I was thinking of putting in

At least I bake well ;)
And I can mend the shit out of a pair a pants

When was the last time watching football for hours resulted in an awesome cake and handmade gifts?

I'm gonna go with NEVER! 


I win.

(can you sense some slight bitterness? haha)

But in typically Busy Broad fashion football season was just another excuse to make a wreath

One even The Boy would love

Look HERE for a tutorial on how I make most my wreaths

I did this one the exact same way

After the basic form was done I made the Cardinals logo out of foam

And glued some cardboard to the back for sturdiness

Then just glued it on along with some little footballs I got for 59c over on the wood aisle in Michael's

This is about as close as I get to going all Rah Rah for football

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