Sunday, September 16, 2012

DIY Mustache Pacifiers

Unless you've been living under a boulder, you'll know that mustaches are all the rage right now

Everything that could possibly have a mustache on it does


Even finger tattoos


 So when one of my coworkers baby shower came along and she was having a boy I knew I had to make some mustache pacifiers

Actually, pacifier sounds so technical

It was always a binky in our family

I had a hot pink binky that I loved so much that even after I was over sucking on it I made my mom keep it for a few years just so I could look at it every once and a while

 Weird right?

I've been a sentimental hoarder since the age of 3

Here's a picture of me and my binky with my childhood neighbor Cory

Hopefully The Boy doesn't see this

Ya know... I wouldn't want him getting all jealous and stuff

I mean look at the awesome sweater on that kid!

And those pants.....oh my!

No wonder I was hanging onto him

And here's another of me playing with my sister Kinsey, binky of course in mouth

Here's a funny fact for ya......

See how the pillow is in front of the VCR?
Well,  that's because no matter where I was in the room I would roll myself over to the VCR and stick my toes inside

So my mom had to cover it

(And yes, that's The Little Mermaid playing on the TV)'s how I made the binkies

Got some simple pacifiers

Then I doodled some mustache templates

I had to keep making cuts to make sure they would fit properly

Then cut them out of stiff felt

I've seen that some people make them out of craft foam, but I personally prefer the felt

The foam can sometimes show off grease marks from your fingers and since these will be handled alot there's a good chance that would happen

The felt hides alot more imperfections 

Then I just hot glued them on

These were a huge hit at the shower and they are super quick and easy to make


  1. Haha, so cute, we call them dummy's here in Australia

  2. These are too cute! If my son still took a binky, I would totally make them for him :)

  3. I like the felt much better too! I always worry that an ambitious tot will chew off a piece of craft foam. Good felt can take a lot of chewing and drool before it breaks down.