Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Trick To Cutting Olives Easily

So I was making my potato salad the other night for the 4th.
Of course chopping the onion, the celery, the egg....
and then it came time to slice the olives in half.

That's when it occurred to me that not everyone might know the handy dandy little trick I do for cutting them in half.

It's actually something I learned from my husband
 this is how they do it at the catering company he works at
Because of course....time is money!! You have to get your prep done quick

Here's what you do

Get 2 deli container lids
Like the kind that come on the olive bars in the deli
Or sour cream lids will work too

 Fill one of the lids with your olives

Place the other lid over the top 
and slice in between the two lids

The result?

Perfectly sliced in half olives!
Done in a snap and they aren't rolling all over the place 

And it's not just for olives....No sir!

Now you can easily and quickly slice any chokeable item.

You know.....the things you can't leave around for toddlers.

Grapes, cherry tomatoes, cherries....those kinds of things!

Speaking of chokeables...have you ever watched In the Motherhood?
Well you should!

It started as an internet show with Chelsea Handler (my favorite!) Leah Remini,(she's hilarious) and some lady I don't know

Here's an episode where the ladies get together and eat all the chokeables they never get to have when their kids are around

Funny stuff huh?

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