Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY School Clock...Tick....Tock

My mom is the assistant in a special needs classroom and I wanted to make her some cool stuff so that when people walk in they officially dub it the most badass classroom ever!  

Or at the very least Ooohhh and aaaahhh over it and get extremely jealous.

Either one works for me.

I found these totally awesome clocks at my peaceful place (99c Only)

Now tell me how you can beat that?  Really......somebody tell me!

Just make sure that when you are looking for a clock that you find one that has plenty of room between the face and the glass......otherwise it sort of limits the things you can use to decorate with

And we don't like limitations.  We like to be free.  

Cuz that's how its s'posed to young and wild and freeeeee.

(Just a quick musical reference there for ya!)

Take your clock  apart and CAREFULLY pull of the hands of the clock

Using wire cutters cut the ends of the hands off right where it starts getting all fancy looking, just leaving a straight line.

 When it comes to the "seconds" hand you have to cut off the arms completely.....just leaving the small circle

This is so your hands can move and not get stuck on your decorations.....because then we would have problems. 

 And the hands wouldn't move.   

So time would stand still.  

And depending on how your day is going that could be a REALLY good thing or a REALLY bad thing.

Then.....cut out scrapbook paper of choice to use as the face.  Just use a protractor to measure it correctly.

Before you glue down the paper....use post its to mark where each number goes.  You don't want to glue things down wrong

Then of course glue down your paper

Lay down your items in place of your numbers.  This is where marking with the post its comes in handy.

I used erasers, paper clips, crayons, pencils, sharpeners, & staples

Before I hot glued them down I put the hands back in and spun them around to make sure they didn't hit anything or get caught.

Then just glue them all down and put your clock back together

I made 3 different versions

And your done!

Perfect gift for the teacher in your life

Your mom that's a teacher
Your sister the teacher
Your kids teachers
Your nephews teacher
Your neighbor the teacher

Need me to keep going?
Cuz I can

Your brother the teacher
Your 2nd cousin the teacher......

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