Thursday, July 5, 2012

Easy Fire Free Smores

Awww Smores......good ole classic summer fun!
But sometimes you don't have access to a fire....or you're lazy (like me)


It could be like here in AZ where there's fire restrictions
 But what the heck is camping without smores? 
 You gotta have them!

That's when you make these

Ok Ok....I know that in THIS POST I made a big stink about how I turn up my nose at canned frosting......and now here I am using some.

You can call me a hypocritical Bi-otch if you want.

I'll allow it.

Easy peasy!

Perfect for packing in lunches too.
I used to include these as the dessert when I was poor and hustling sandwich lunches to make ends meet.

But that's another story for another day! 
Point is...they are an easy make ahead.
You can send them along with your kid on sleepovers and premake them for a large crowd at the campsite.

And don't you fret...they're just as messy as the real deal.  ;)

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