Saturday, June 28, 2014

DIY Dyed Shoes

Let's jump right to it....

When I saw these plain white shoes at Walmart for the low price of $4.44...or something crazy awesome like that I had to have them

I walked around the store for about 40 minutes trying to decided which style I wanted.  You would have thought I was making a major life decision....but I ended up choosing the Keds style.

Pick out your color dye.  I chose yellow for a very specific'll see why in a future post

Start by  saturating the shoes with water.  This will help them to soak up the dye more evenly

Follow your directions on your dye bottle....which mostly likely means bringing  a big pot of water to boil with your dye

Add your shoes

I found that flipping the shoes over gave them the opportunity to dye most evenly in my pot.  But depending on the size you have you may need to do one shoe at a time

Once they reach the shade you desire, take them out and rinse them well under cool running water

I set mine outside to dry... and that's it!

Here's a picture of the finished shoes in the to a similar style store bought red pair.  Not too bad for a DIY dye job. Now I want to make a pair in every color

Stay tuned for more about these shoes in the future

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