Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- High Waisted Bikini

I never in my life have had a bikini body.  I went straight from the body of a child...... to fat. Haha! I totally skipped over that "young, wear whatever you want and rock it" stage.  So besides the ones I have worn in my sisters backyard for tanning reasons.....I really don't wear them

For the past couple of years I've worn what I call my "Mom suits".  Not that they aren't cute.....because they totally are.  But they are much more full coverage.  One pieces with skirts and such to hold it all in and spare everyone an eyeful.

I had been eyeing high waisted bikinis but just like everything else I was convinced it could never work on me.

After looking at them in admiration for over a year I finally decided I would use my sisters poolside showerette party as my excuse to give it a try. I worked it all out in my head that I think the style would look even better on a curvier body...ya up style.  I'm should work right? This was my way of convincing myself it was ok to try.

I had been looking at them online for a few days when my friend Niki sent me a link to a few that she thought I would like....and man does she know me well!

I fell absolutely in love with a pink and leopard one!  Even better is it was off a website called Ali Express  

Holy crap that site is awesome!.....and bad all rolled into one.  Awesome because it has soooo much good stuff for DIRT CHEAP.  Bad because that could be seriously dangerous.....but at least cheap means you can buy more...right?? ;)

I ordered the suit in a medium because that is the size I have been buying most clothes in lately.....that was a mistake. It showed up and the bottoms were cutting me off in BAD places.  My butt and thighs were puffing over the was not cute!

I was about to throw my hands up in the air and be defeated and tell myself that I was right all long and these types of things will just never look good on me.  After pouting for a few minutes I got over it and just decided to order it again in a large.  That's what makes this site so great....I got them for so dang cheap ordering it again was no big deal.  Shipping was free both times and I got both FULL SETS for under $20.  Can you believe it??  I wouldn't be able to get a one comparable suit for that price in the stores...let alone two!

I got it in just in time for the party...the day before. Talk about cutting it close!  I wore it for the party and felt relatively comfortable with much as I could for wearing a 2 piece

When my sisters wedding rolled around I decided to wear it again at the beach and snapped this picture

Suit: Ali Express
Hat: 99c Only

There are a couple things that in my opinion make this particular bikini more successful on my body. The amount of stomach that shows is VERY important.  I've seen higher wasted bikinis that don't come up as high and are just under the belly button.  I NEEDED it to cover my belly button.  My tummy roll is right under my belly button so I needed that coverage.  Having it stop at the belly button would have only drawn more attention to my problem area.

I was also adamant on finding one with buttons.  I feel like the buttons break it up and keep it from looking like just a pair of granny panties or a big pink diaper.  It needs that detail in my opinion

Back to the money aspect of this bikini....after I bought it I ended up searching "Leopard and pink high waisted bikini" on Pinterest just to see.  My exact same bikini popped up multiple times as Etsy listings.  People were selling them anywhere from $30-$50.....when I paid under $10 for mine!  

Obviously people are buying them dirt cheap on Ali Express and reselling them themselves and making a huge profit.  Good for them!!.....but that kills me!  So word the the wise....I know on Etsy you think you find things you can't seem to find anywhere else.  But I have found multiple things now on both Ali and Ebay for cheap cheap cheap that are exact Etsy listings

If you're a frugal gal like myself always check these sites first.  I'm sure you'll find something you love at a good price

So there's the saga of me and the bikini...hope I didn't bore you too much!

Happy {Wardrobe} Wednesday!

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