Monday, May 5, 2014

MoMo vs. The Fly

With the summer heat already here in AZ we have had an influx of flies. I hate flies!  Especially when I have spend an hour of my time trying to kill them after I get home from work. 

MoMo is usually completely uninterested while I go on my killing rampage.  In fact....she is generally asleep throughout the entire process. That is until the other night.....

I found her sitting under the kitchen table staring at a dead fly.  Just staring.  I called her name and her focus could not be broken

(Sorry for the blurry photo, it was dark and I had to take it far away and zoom in so that she wouldn't move if  I got any closer)

The even funnier part is that she kept lowering her head to look at it even closer

This fly had her completely baffled.  Or maybe she's just surprised to finally see something smaller than herself.  Either way her amazement with it was adorable

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