Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday-Black Sheer Top and Leopard Flats

This Wardrobe Wednesday also doubles as a "Meet Morty"  Morty is my only nephew....yes....I call him my nephew.  What else would you call your sisters dog? Duh!

He was very eager to join in on the photo shoot and we couldn't really get any decent shots....both of ones by myself and us together.  So here you get a lovely collage of kinda crappy pictures.   But I guess that's nothing new to the blog anyway.......

Flats: Gifted....not sure (but I'll ask for future reference)

Sheer tops are quickly becoming a staple for me.  Their light weight fabric is perfect for the warmer weather that's on its way (actually it's already here in AZ) but they are just nice enough that you look a bit more put together if you need to.  You can dress them up or down super easily.

This was a casual day of a lunch date with The Boy, then off to my sisters house to run wedding planning errands.  The red lip also helps dress up the entire look a little more without requiring any real effort......besides having to remember to not rub my face.

And here's one more picture just to make you say Awwwwwww.....

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