Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Popcorn Bar

I'm a huge fan of bars.  Not those kind of bars.....I prefer to do my drinking at home where I can pass out with drink in hand and not get arrested....but that's not what I"m referring to here.

I'm talking about the build your own kinda bars.  I'll take any kind there is....baked potato, salad, nacho, hot dog....you  name it.  If I can pile on toppings and deliciousness of all kinds count me in!

For my nieces' birthday party back in March my sister put out a popcorn bar....and I loved it!

Nothing too crazy and over the top...just enough options to make it custom without making you anxious (too many options make me sweat)

M&Ms, gummy bears, unwrapped Starburst,  Mike & Ikes, Peanut M&Ms, and Reese's Peices

She also had flavor powders

Bacon cheddar, garlic parmesan, kettle corn, ranch, jalepeno cheddar, and white cheddar.

You could do they whole salty sweet mix....or grab two bags.  One for the mix with candy and one for the flavors of choice

She had a Farm/Cowgirl party theme so the bags were decorated with stickers and crayons were left out for them to color and write their names on.  It went over well!

And for the record....this was my first time trying the unwrapped Starburst and I'm just warning you....those things are dangerous.  For reals!

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