Sunday, November 18, 2012

Moroccan Themed Birthday Party

My friend Niki is the queen of birthday parties.  Her girls have some of the coolest and most epically decorated parties I've ever seen!

Her oldest normally has a big family Halloween party since her birthday is in October, but this year she opted for a small girls only shin dig and she chose a Moroccan theme

I just wanted to share some thing she did that I thought were super cool

She decorated the entire back patio for the party

She laid down a bunch of handmade rugs she had.  I believe her husbands grandma made them...could be wrong....but it was some family member

She made a low table and surrounded the whole "room" with random pillows

This was the table setting for dinner.  Cheap chargers, some lanterns, and see the pillows for them to sit on?  Those are pillow cases from the dollar store that she stuffed with old towels.  Genius!

It was funny she even said "Every time I saw those pillow covers I always wondered who the hell would buy those"....well no we know!  People like her haha

She set up a table full of fabric paint and little jewels that the girls could use to decorate  bras and slippers

Hard at work decorating

Later in the night they got Henna tattoos

I forgot to take picture but for dinner they had chicken kabobs and rice 

 I made chocolate hazelnut cupcakes for the girls and an individual henna inspired cake for the Birthday Girl!

Overall it was a really fun night that was much more laid back and not every second was planned

Perfect for girls as they're getting a little older

The funniest part was the next morning on Facebook my brother inlaw said (this is direct quote)

"I will say my future hit me like a ton of bricks. She stumbled through the door (she wasn't drunk, just sleepy) at 1000 p.m. in a bra with "tattoos." I about cried!

I thought that was just too funny! ;)

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