Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ribeye with Red Red Onions

No that isn't a typo.  I call it "Red Red" onions because I cook red onions down in red wine.  See what I did there?  Here's whacha need.....

 One large red onion sliced , a glass of red wine, the good ole honey bear, salt, pepper, and butter

Begin by cooking your onions in a bit of butter or oil.  On this particular day the thought of walking outside and turning on the grill proved to be way more effort than I was willing to put in.  Sooo....I cooked my steak in a cast iron skillet.  I cooked my onions in the same skillet to pick up some of the yummies left in the pan. 

Let the onions soften and then squirt in a little honey.  A couple of teaspoons to begin with.  It will help move the browning of the onions along and will cut some of the tannins in the wine later.

  Give it some salt and pepper and then pour in your wine.  (like my wine dribble there on the stove?) Have your heat on medium high and just let it bubble.  Once the wine has reduce down to an almost syrupy consistency, mount it with some butter.  About 2 tablespoons.

  Taste and adjust.  If its not sweet enough add some more honey.  Pile it on top of a delicious steak

  Yum!  The onions take on an almost jammy consistency.  Delicious

And a glass of wine with your dinner won't hurt either.

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