Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Busy Broads Bangin' Buys #1

I'm not sure if anyone is even remotely interested or not, but I'm going to start a new series on the blog highlighting things I deem as bangin" buys

It could be things I've actually bought myself, things I might want to remember for the future, items I think blog readers may find useful,  a good deal, or any combination of the 4! 

First up......

Vidal Sassoon ColorFinity Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

When I saw this at 99c Only I threw it in my basket because dry shampoo has replaced milk and bread as a staple in my life

I am always looking for a better brand at a cheaper price...and OMG this is the best one yet!!  I've tried at least 7 kinds by now and this one wins for me hands down.  It is light and in both scent and weight.  Your hair does not get weighed down or chalky feeling at all as some have left my hair feeling like a hay bail.  My hair stays silky and grease free without smelling like old lady floral perfume. And because it is specially formulated for dark hair, there is no white residue left behind for me to try and brush out or sleep on and hope it goes away by morning.  I just love it!  I went back and stocked up on 6 more cans just to be safe because you never know how long something will last in the dollar stores.  I looked online for comparison and I got those 7 cans for the price of ONE at regular retail price.  You can't beat that!

Geometric Candle Holder

This candleholder was also at 99c Only (but costs $1.99).  It's a very simple design that could easily be spray painted to fit your d├ęcor or crafted into something else (maybe for succulents or something like that)

Massaging Glove

I got this for my mom when I was putting together her Christmas stocking back in December.  I got her a purple one for $1.99 and figured even if it didn't work too well it wasn't that big of a loss.  Just 2 weeks ago I was at her house and tried it out and loved it so much I went back and got one for myself. 

The back side has straps for you to keep it on your hand and you simply glide it over your body and the small balls roll. It works perfectly for my calves that are always tightening up on me and giving me a lot of pain and Charlie horses.  (it also doesn't feel too shabby rolled over your butt either)

Cookie Butters and Chocolate Spreads

I do shop at other places besides 99C Only....promise.....but they've done it again!  I came across these cute little jars of different flavored cookie butters and chocolate spreads.  I've never had cookie butter myself, but I know it has quite the cult following.  I think this would be great for putting together a gift basket or some sort of care package

Cool Birthday Candles

I don't know about you, but when I think of a place to go shopping for birthday candles Sprouts Farmers Market doesn't enter my mind at all.  But apparently it should!  Their impressive birthday candle collection happened to catch my eye.  I'm filing this one away for future reference for sure

Zevia Brand Ginger Beer

This has probably been around a while now and I just didn't know it.  I used to drink Zevia soda quite a bit back in the day, but not so much in the last 3 years or so.  I LOVE Moscow Mules, so it's pretty cool that there is a non sucralose/aspartame/cane sugar option now for all the low carb mule lovers of the world

Bangin' Buys #1 is in the books.  Or I guess on the interwebs....  Any of these items catch your eye too?

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  1. I desperately want one of those geometric candle holders to put a tiny succulent in! I shall go out today in hopes my 99 cent store has one! Thanks for sharing!