Saturday, January 6, 2018

My Goals for 2018

Some people are anti new year resolutions. They can get pretty attitud-y about it and be overall negative and unsupportive of the people who make them....but consider this:

I have started,bailed, and failed at things at all times of why be so judgmental of the goals made at the beginning of the year?  Because you think it's too cliche? Maybe it is....but who cares! A goal is a goal and we shouldn't hate on it whether it's made in January or June.  Know what I'm saying?

I never used to set goals at the beginning of the year, but I have the last couples years because I really do like the "fresh start" feeling that comes with the new year.  Something about having 12 months ahead to get them done helps it feel less daunting for whatever reason. And for me the first quarter of the year is overall less hectic and an easier time for me to focus on things than later in the year when the craziness picks up.  The timing just feels right.  So here are my personal goals for the year

1.  I figure I will just start out with the ones that will make you roll your eyes first and get them over with.  Yes.....I want to lose weight.  But instead of setting a goal related to a weight number, I'm calling this one "Fix My Brain When It Comes To Food."  My  weight has been a struggle for years, but for a good chunk of time there, about 3 1/2 years I had it well under control and I was at my healthiest in every sense.  With food, with exercise, with my mindset....I just felt good.  Then I had 3 very taxing years and all that went out the window and I lost the strength and self awareness I once had.  I need to get that back which means more than just a "diet."  I have some serious work to do but I feel more ready than I have in years to do it

2. Feel Good in a Swimsuit by Summer.  Yup.....I'm that girl setting a goal in January that has to do with swimwear.  It might sound cliche, basic, and a little annoying....but notice I left it pretty vague.  I'm not trying to get a hot "bikini body".....that ship has sailed and I'm pretty sure even sunk to the bottom of the ocean somewhere.  I'm over it.  Wearing a bikini isn't something I give two craps about anymore.  In fact I don't have any kind of swimsuit picked out at all as a goal.  All I want is to be able to go swimming at my sisters house and not feel like a pale sausage busting out of it's casing.  That's it.

3. Move My Ass-  Last one regarding weight loss.  I just need to move my ass more.  I know myself well enough to know that if I say "work out 4 times a week" that I will bail quickly because I put too much pressure on myself with a number.(plus I hate working LOATHE it)  The first week that ends that I only worked out once or twice I will plunge deep into "fuck it" mode and never start back up again.  Another part of fixing my brain that I need to work on....SO....I am setting a basic goal of just moving more. My one fear is that it is not specific enough so I think I might have to develop this one a bit more.  I need to find that middle ground of not pushing so hard I give up quickly, but also not leaving it so open ended I never even do it.  Any suggestions?

4. Develop a Better Cleaning & Organization  Plan-  So here's the thing, I have realized I need to create better structure for myself.  I tend to not keep up with things very well and then it becomes this huge, massive, daunting project.  I'm trying to get better at keeping up with organization and house cleaning so that it doesn't always have to turn into a whole freakin day of cleaning where I'm pissed off that an entire day off of work was spent doing chores. Like above, I know that if I make a daily cleaning list that I am likely to bail once I miss a day or 2.  My thoughts to avoid this is to create both a monthly and weekly cleaning list that I can hang for both me and The Boy to work on at any given time.  I need to SEE it because I am super visual and I also respond much better to lists.  I love the feeling of physically marking something gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  So my goal is to have this system set in place by mid February so we can keep up with life better  overall in small chunks of time.

5. Downsize-  This isn't referring to where we live....1,100 sq ft. is small enough as it is..Haha!  I need to get more ruthless and get rid of a bunch of crap.  It isn't easy for a person who likes to craft, thrift shop etc.  I see the potential in almost anything and will hang onto it forever.  The problem is I need to actually do something with it in a reasonable amount of time or just get rid of it.  The next problem is that I'm really sentimental.  I attach memories to things so I will feel guilt in getting rid of things....but some of it has got to go!

6. Make a Plan for my School Loan Debt-  I'm not going to get into all the details about my student loan debt.  Not going to talk about how I regret my choice of school every day of my life. How it has financially crippled me for years and years to come.  How it is so far the biggest mistake of my 28 years on this earth....nope.....not gonna go there. We would be here until 2019. But this year I need to work up some sort of plan.  I have put it on the back burner for a while because talking and thinking about it just makes me angry all over I just make the multitude of payments monthly and try to move on for another 30 days.  It's time to finally face it.  By this summer I want to develop some sort of plan. I'm hoping consolidation will help

7.  Moisturize!!-  This one might seem silly, but it's a goal I have that I'm not going to leave out just because it sounds stupid.  I am not super girly and don't keep up with skin regimens at all.  I've never really liked the feeling of lotion either so that's a big reason.  I hate how it lingers on your skin...uck!  I'll take suggestions on the best moisturizer that doesn't leave you feeling sticky and greasy if you have them.  I just know I need to start getting better at this before I get older.  I'm already looking at my hands and legs and thinking "yeesh!" so that's probably not a good sign.  I don't want to look like cheap dollar store crepe paper streamers by 35.   

And coming from a white girl...I think this is hilarious and true. (the truest things are always the funniest)

Aging just isn't really on our side and a little extra moisturizer wouldn't hurt me.

8. Read at Least 8 Books- In reality I would like to read much more than 8 but I kept the number low to keep it realistic for the crazy times.  I love to thrift books but I have a pile of them I haven't read yet...13 to be exact! So while I hope I read all of them this year I will be happy to get to 8.  I love to read but have gotten so used to plopping my ass down in front of Netflix or scrolling, scrolling, scrolling on my phone that I have gotten away from it completely. 

9. Make at Least 1k in Side Money- This refers to any money made outside my regular 9-5 job (7-3:30 if you want get all technical and shit)  Whether it be from blogging, selling off old items, reselling good finds, crafts....whatever.  I kept it lower at 1k because I have never kept track before and I have no clue what is realistic.  I figured this would get me to pay attention more and open the door for bigger goals the next year

So I'm going to be a rebel and leave my goals at 9.  I'm not going to round it out to an even 10 just for the sake of it....even thought I'm fighting the urge as I type.  I do have a few more goals but they are more specific to blogging and not personal goals. I don't feel like they fit here so 9 goals it is!

Tell me some of your goals for the year....I would love to hear about some other than my own.  I'm sick of mine already! (kidding....kinda)

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  1. Awesome post. I haven't written any goals down yet, but I'd really like to feel more like myself, mainly in the weight area. It's been on my mind for awhile now that I might as well really commit for the new year. I would recommend Aveeno for lotion because it doesn't leave that greasy feeling. If you need facial moisturizers, I'd suggest the Simple brand. They have worked great for me and they have a light moistuizer. I hope everything goes well for your 2018!