Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bangin' Buys #2

I'm back for Volume 2 of bangin' buys!  And let me tell ya.....I found sooooo many great things this month that I had to do so major editing down and cut a few.  Maybe they will show up in next months post if I find them still out in the stores when the time rolls around.

This month I focused on home decor items (with a couple clothing accessory items thrown in just to break it up a bit). Whenever spring rolls around I always get hit with the decorating bug along with the motivation to put my green thumb to the test for the 564th time (spoiler alert: it always ends in failure)  Look at all the cute stuff I found……

Wire Baskets

Walmart has these great wire baskets in copper and gold.  Even better is that you get a 2 pack for $3.98.  These would make storage a whole heck of a lot more cute!

Dipped Milk Bottles

Yea you could totally DIY these if you just so happened to already have all the items…..but for $1.93 you can get them already done for you in various sizes at Walmart.  Look for them over in the wedding section

Concrete Plant/Candle Holders

I FREAKED out when I saw these at 99c Only and scooped up 5 of them for myself.  They are heavy duty and legit.  Considering how expensive they have been in other stores I was in disbelief at the price and quality of these.  Now go get some for yourself before everyone else catches on.  Go! Go!

Patterned Plant Pots

How cute are these pots??  I feel like Joana Gaines would approve   

Furry Slides

Yep…..I’m basic.  But I totally love these slides.  Actually, I just love slides in general.  They are great for around the house because they are as easy as slippers but provide so much more support.  When I’m stuck at the sink doing dishes or walking up and down the stairs with loads of laundry I need a little more than what my bear claw slippers (The feet, not the pastry.  In case you needed clarification) can offer.  These caught my eye in the store and with a $4 price tag I decided to give them a shot.  Welp… my surprise these shoes from 99c Only are hella comfortable and have become my daily house shoe.

Light Up Letter Box

I thought this was really cute for only being $5.  (99c Only)

Metallic Plant/Candle Holders

Like the cement ones above, these are the same shape and also from 99c Only.  They are just smaller in size and less heavy, but come in 3 colors

90sirrific Mini Backpacks

Adult Whitney is trying to remain cool and calm. Meanwhile, second grade Whitney is losing her ever lovin mind!! Any true 90s kids can’t deny the fabulous that is these backpacks.  The holographic one is cool and all…..but it’s the pink one that really gets my heart pumping.  Disposable cameras were my jam as a kid and so were picture collages (pre Instagram, collages were the cool way of displaying you and your crew)  The idea of being able to show them ON MY BACKPACK would just be too much for my 7 year old self to handle.  The cherry on top (besides only being $4) is that one of the frames is heart shaped.  I can just see myself rocking this backpack as I walk down Pierson Street….

Plant Stand

I love the simplicity of this plant stand. The only downside is that this was the only size I saw.  It would be really cool if there were 2 more in different heights so you could have a grouping of 3.  Did you hear that Walmart??  2 more please.  Different heights. Thanks

Small Kids Table

Last but not least are these great little kids tables!  First of all…..they are TOTALLY my style, but none were the right color for my house but they were just so cute I had to buy one anyway so I got a yellow one hoping my sister Kinsey would like it.  I thought it would go well in her living room for her son.  Well…she did love it….but for her backyard.  I picked up one more for her and she is using them for end tables to her outdoor couch.  I’ll snap some pics next time I’m over and add them to the post for you to see.  They are surprisingly sturdy and are very easy to put together as the legs just screw right in.

Pretty good round up this month huh?  What was your favorite find?  Mine is a 4 way tie between the slides (because my feet are happy), the backpacks for nostalgia, the cement planters, and the table.  

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